Sultanas Raisins

Sultanas Raisins
Sultanas Raisins
Sultanas Raisins
Sultanas Raisins
Sultanas Raisins
Sultanas Raisins
Sultanas Raisins
Sultanas Raisins


Turkish sultanas have thinner crust and beautiful color is considered superior because of the high ratio of sugar.

The Original name of Sultanas, seedless grapes are picked vine-covered, taking into consideration the EU standards, dipped process is done (potassium carbonate solution), dried in the sun shine with natural methods. Dipped Sultanas, are prepared for concrete dries about 10 days. If grapes don’t dip, grapes can be dried more than 20 days. Accordingly, the dried grapes dipped, color lighter, darker colored and dip grapes is called (Raisins).

The Sultanas grapes after drying of the natural methods, scabs are sorted out and with they are delivered with plastic safes to factory. Our facilities are washed; oiled waste sorting and finally passed through the metal detectors with laser x-ray device is controlled. The Sultanas grapes are ready for export according to TS3411 standards.

  • Origin : TURKEY
  • Type : Sultanas Raisins
  • Figure : Original



  •  Like most other dried fruits, it has antioxidant properties. It protects cell structures against destruction. In this way, it has a anti-aging effect and also benefits the immune system.
  •  It is a food rich in boron minerals that protect against osteoporosis. Boron is also beneficial for bone health as it helps to absorb calcium more effectively. Eating a handful of raisins a day reduces your risk of developing eye disease known as yellow spot (macular degeneration) by 36%. This disease most commonly affects people over the age of 50.
  •  Raisins are a food rich in dietary fiber. 3.5% of each raisin grain consists of dietary fiber. Dietary fibers keep your digestive system functioning properly and prevent you from having constipation problems.
  •  100 grams of raisins meet 12% of your daily iron need. Therefore, it is a food used in the treatment of anemia. It does not suddenly raise blood sugar, yet it energizes and evokes a feeling of satiety.

Packing Method

We offer our customers 12,5 and 5 Kg Cardboard Box and 200 Gr-1000 Gr Foam Tray options. We have private label options.

Class/Grade:Extra , Class 1

Size (Caliber/kg)Standart No:8
Standart No:9
Standart No:10
Jumbo Bleached No:10
Jumbo Bleached No:11


Moisture: ??


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