The hazelnut (Corylus avellena L) which is grown as the most widespread one of the nuts all over the world, grows under appropriate conditions special to itself and its homeland is Turkey that it is at top positions of the most significant agricultural products of our country. So it the hazelnut is one of the strategic products of our Turkey by its significant production and export values and its superior quality.

Turkish hazelnuts are split into two as Giresun and Levant for the quality. The Giresun-quality hazelnut has the most superior characteristic hazelnut all over the world by the taste and oil ratio that it has. They are the round hazelnuts which are grown in all over Giresun, and also they grown in some vicinities of Trabzon.

The hazelnut which is extremely important for Turkish Economy in point of provided export revenues enables Turkey .Turkey performs 70% of the world hazelnut production solitary which is respectively followed by Italia (14%), the USA (4.3%), and Spain (3%) in the production.

  • Origin : Levant (Ordu),Giresun,Akçakoca / TURKEY
  • Type : HazelNut
  • Figure : Original


Packing Method

We offer our customers 12,5 and 5 Kg Cardboard Box and 200 Gr-1000 Gr Foam Tray options. We have private label options.

CALIBRATION:11-13 mm, 11-12mm,
12-14 mm, 13-15 mm etc.

TypeIn-shell Hazelnut
Natural Raw Hazelnut
Blanced Hazelnut
Roasted Hazelnut
Chopped Hazelnut
Sliced Hazelnut
Hazelnut Meal
Hazelnut Paste

OriginLevant (Ordu),Giresun,Akçakoca

Process:Blanched hazelnuts are produced by blanching the kernels through removing their skins from 5% skin and with 4-5% of the desired humudity level.


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