Hanimin Ciftligi Malatya , Turkey
Address: Hanimin Ciftligi Malatya , Turkey

We are specialized in processing and packing of dried apricots, dried figs, sultana raisins, dried mulberries,almonds, hazelnuts, and other ingredients grown in our area.


Alacakapi Mah. Kirkgoz Cad. No:7 Battalgazi, MALATYA TURKEY Postal Code :44210
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ProductionAkdaglar Dried Food Co.

Conventional, Organic, Natural and Diced Dried Apricots and Apricot kernels are processed in Akdaglar Dried Food Co. The raw material to enter the enterprise is first checked in the laboratory. If appropriate, it is passed through the Pre-Calibration-Dry Screening machine and sorted and then stored properly. Organic products are kept in cold storages. Conventional products are stored separately according to their length and sulphur content.

To process the product starts by passing them through the washing unit. We have a 4-stage washing units. Firstly, the product, which passes through the Pre-wash, is removed from all environmental contaminants and comes to the Brushed Washing Unit. Here, it is purified from environmental dirt and other heavy dirt that may remain. It passes through the hot washing unit, which operates with a hot steam system and washes at 40 °C, in order to purify the product from possible dirt that has penetrated into it. Then, the product, which passes through the resting band, is sent to the operating area by the corner pump and is sized by passing through the final washing unit. The sorted product is processed one by one by trained personnel working in accordance with Akdaglar Dried Food Co. Hygiene and Safety Standard.

The processed product is finally checked by passing it through a double stage lighted selection band and then boxed. After the printing process is completed, each box is definitely checked with a metal detector.

During all these processes, quality analyzes are carried out continuously by expert laboratory personnel and any unsuitable situation is immediately intervened. All physical and chemical analyzes required by the TS 485 Dried Apricot standard can be performed in Akdaglar Dried Food Co. laboratory. All microbiological analyzes required for product-personnel-operational hygiene are regularly performed in accredited external laboratories. Akdaglar Dried Food Co. is managed with a management approach that adheres to the principle of Management by Goals. Satisfying its customers by producing quality and healthy products and its employees by increasing its efficiency has been adopted as the first goal,

The total area of production has exceeded 15000 hectares. From here, approximately 5000 tons of dried apricots can be obtained annually (when full yield is taken). 
The products obtained as Akdaglar Dried Food Co. are exported to 64 countries incl. EU and US. 

Some of the organic products are sold to the domestic market. Most of the organic products produced are organic dried apricots and organic apricot kernels. A small amount of wheat, dried mulberry and raisins are obtained as well.