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We in the National News

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"APRICOT SEED HAS ENTERED THE 'SAFE FOOD' LIST" Emphasizing that it is a very important year regarding apricot kernel, Özcan said, "You know; Apricot kernel was left out in the 'Reliable Food' list because of the problems. I hope that if we continue this, we expect an increase in parallel with exports. Then, when we look at our export figures in 2019, I hope we will catch the figures of the last year in this second periodic 6 months in 2020, "he said. Cevdet Akdağ (46) said that they separated the core of the apricot collected from the branch, and then the core of the apricot, which was passed through various machines, was exported to many countries of the world. Akdağ noted that in addition to consuming apricot seeds as a snack, they are also used in chocolate and sweets.


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