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Sun Dried Apricots - AKDAĞLAR EXPORT LTD. ŞTİ.


Sun dried apricots are naturally dried under the Sun light without any additives so it is totally organic.

While it is consumed as dried fruit also it is in high demand as a raw material in the food industry.

We provide the goods to our customers in different packages such as 12,5 and 5 KGS carton boxes and 200-1000 GR foam trays.

Also, private label options are available.


Package type




12,5 Kgs

 0 – 8


5 Kgs

 0 – 8

Foam plate

200 Gr.- 1000 Gr.

 0 – 8

  • Eating naturally dred apricot is a good protection against heart disease and it strengthen your heart.
  • It is known as a protective against cancer.
  • It is good for stronger bones.
  • It has positive effects on brain health and it is good to reduce stress.
  • You can get healthier and stronger teeth.
  • It heals liver wounds.
  • It prevents formation of stomach and duodenum ulcers.
  • Consuming plenty of naturally dried apricot increases blood production against anemia disease.